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Saving Skin in Thousand Oaks - Acne Treatment to Prevent Scarring

You may think of acne as a normal part of the awkward, self-conscious teen years but, one in five acne sufferers is an adult. Even if you are the parent or grandparent of a teenager, that breakout very well could be acne. At Pierre Skin Care Institute of Thousand Oaks, CA, acne treatment can restore healthy skin, and confidence for patients of all ages.

What causes acne?

There is a reason that adolescents are most frequently afflicted with acne, though it has nothing to do with their consumption of greasy, unhealthy food, as many people believe. High levels or fluctuations of hormones cause the body to increase the production of waxy sebum and skin oils. These elements, in normal amounts, help protect the skin and retain moisture. In excess, they can clog pores, preventing the normal release of bacteria and dead cells.

Small amounts of bacteria are present even in healthy skin. However, because bacteria multiply rapidly, clogged pores can quickly cause accumulation around the hair follicles. The result is a breakout of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

What causes scarring?

Acne can leave embarrassing scars and an uneven skin surface, though not all breakouts will have this effect. Swollen, pus filled follicles may drain through the pore when it opens. This non-inflammatory acne should not result in scarring.

Under pressure, the walls of the affected follicle can rupture, releasing bacteria and sebum into nearby tissue. This inflammatory acne can cause cysts, which often leave scars, either temporary or permanent.

How to stop it

Over the counter pore-clearing products may be sufficient treatment for mild to moderate acne eruptions. Ideally, the opened pores allow the pockets to drain normally, before the follicle walls break. Because some skin types are more sensitive to increased sebum levels than others, these products have varying levels of effectiveness.

If your acne is unresponsive to over the counter treatment, or has already progressed to inflammatory acne, you are at risk of scarring. Dr. Peterson Pierre can offer several effective options. Antibiotic therapy works by slowing or stopping the production of bacteria in the follicles, and lasers can kill bacteria already present.

If you have severe acne, or you are looking for a better alternative to drugstore treatments, come to Pierre Skin Care Institute today.

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