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"After having a horrific experience with another local dermatologist, I was positively relieved with Dr. Pierre's lovely and welcoming staff and of course Dr. Pierre! For a patient, Dr. Pierre is your ONLY choice for professional, state of the art, high quality dermatologic care. Do not risk your health anywhere else. Dr. Pierre is the most ethical, personable, and compassionate dermatologist I have ever met!!! It is such a blessing to have such a physician in our community. Thank you Dr. Pierre and staff!!!!!"
~ Dan O.
Chemical peels are an effective skin care treatment which has been around for many years. Peels safely correct a number of issues affecting the skin. A chemical peel may contain glycolic acid (derived from sugar cane), salicylic acid, or lactic acid. All of these natural components work to accelerate the skin's renewal process. After the chemical treatment, skin cells slough off as new, healthy skin emerges.

A chemical peel is highly customizable to correct your specific issues. An experienced dermatologist will manipulate variables in the procedure for the most advantageous outcome. These variables include the type of acid used, the strength, and the duration of time the formulation is left on the skin. Carefully crafting the ideal combination, Dr. Pierre effectively achieves incredible results, improving acne, age spots, sun damage, even melasma.

Depending on the type of peel, a patient may experience no downtime, or several days of recovery. In a standard glycolic peel, normal activities may be resumed right away. A slightly stronger peel may result in skin sloughing off for a few days; during which time the patient may want to stay at home and out of the sun. The most aggressive peels require a week or two for complete healing. At Pierre Skin Care Institute, we believe that any treatment designed to improve the appearance of skin should be maximized in order to be of true value to the patient. After a chemical peel of any kind, it is important to develop excellent skin care habits.

Immediately following a peel, avoid any products with acid for two days, and wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine. Sun protection (SPF 30 or higher, with zinc) is the absolute best way to maintain the beautiful skin acquired through a peel.

If you're ready to see a healthy vibrant glow when you look in the mirror, visit Pierre Skin Care Institute to see if a chemical peel is ideal for you.

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