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What to expect: the laser hair removal procedure

Imagine your ideal skin: smooth, resilient, soft, and silky. Stubble, razor bumps, nicks, and burns do not belong in that image. It isn't surprising that one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures in Thousand Oaks is laser hair removal.

For many years, the only permanent solution to unwanted body hair was electrolysis, which involved lengthy, painful procedures and moderate results. Laser technology revolutionized hair removal, with an effective procedure than was no more painful than being snapped with a rubber band. Although this was a great improvement, it was not a relaxing and pleasurable way to spend several minutes or hours. Thankfully, today's cutting edge technology has given us an even better laser – the LightSheer™ Duet.

The procedure is very straightforward, despite the sophisticated technology powering it. Dr. Peterson Pierre will use specialized software to customize your treatment to suit your skin and hair type. The treatment is delivered via a vacuum assisted, broad tipped wand. For precision work in small areas a fine tipped laser wand, with built-in cooling, may be used. No anesthetic is needed, because this device eliminates the “snapping” sensation. Most patients find the overall experience relaxing, with some nearly falling asleep during treatment.

The length of a session varies, depending of the area being treated. However, it is usually about one quarter the time required for traditional laser treatment. The broad tip means a larger area is treated at once. It also allows the laser to penetrate deeper and target follicles more effectively. The average treatment time for full legs is usually an hour or more with other lasers. With the LightSheer™ Duet technology, and Dr. Pierre's expertise, this takes about 20 minutes on average.

There is no downtime and no aftereffects associated with laser hair removal, although it is advisable to avoid sun exposure immediately following treatment. Several sessions are required to achieve optimal results. At any given time, a portion of your hair follicles is in the resting phase, and will not respond to laser energy. The number of sessions needed varies, usually between six and twelve. With each treatment, you will notice a significant difference in the number and size of hairs.

Pierre Skin Care Institute is dedicated to providing exceptional results and an exceptional experience for our valued patients. Our office is equipped with only the best innovative technology and plush amenities for state-of-the-art treatment delivered in a setting of spa-like serenity. Call 805.409.4560 today and schedule your appointment.

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