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Best Skin Care Ever Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks Best Skin Care - Google +
Best Skin Care Ever Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks Best Skin Care
Best Skin Care Ever Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks Best Skin Care
Best Skin Care Ever Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks Best Skin Care
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  Best Skin Care Ever Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks
  Best Skin Care Ever Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks
"Fantastic, professional and caring staff. Dr. Pierre is genuine, compassionate and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him."
~ Heather M.H
"The most caring and knowledgable doctor and staff. I highly recommend using Dr Pierre for all your dermatology needs."
~ Kared O.
"I had always been skeptical about botox and fillers because I had seen women look so distorted after having these procedures. Then I turned 50 and wasn't so happy with some of the age lines and loss of volume I had seen on my face. I decided it was time to do some cosmetic treatment but a a loss as to where to go. My friend who looked so natural and beautiful had mentioned Dr. Pierre and because I knew her and trusted her I went for my consult. I was immediately at peace with him and his entire staff, I just trusted him and loved that he was very willing to hear listen to my concerns. Dr. Pierre was/is one of the most patient doctors I have ever met. However, what has been even more impressive than his bedside manner is his technique and results. I did botox for the first time and was absolutely thrilled with the result!!! I also tried juvedurm and he did an amazing job at filling my smile lines. I have been going to Dr, Pierre for two years now and I have recently tried Voluma to add some lift to my cheeks and sagging skin. There was no pain involved at all or any bruising and I literally feel/look 7 years younger. His work is subtle yet really made a profound difference. I cannot recommend this doctor enough. I would never see another doctor for these procedures. Dr. Pierre has a gift from God, he truly knows how to achieve the absolute best results. Thank you Doctor Pierre, Sue, Pearla, Maxine and the entire staff!!"
~ Julie.
"I recently had my first Juvederm injection and consider myself very fortunate to have it done by Dr Pierre. I was expecting the level of discomfort to be more than what I would feel from botox injections. I was so amazed how comfortable and painless my juvederm experience was. I came back 2 weeks later for another treatment in an area of the face known to be very tender and sensitive. Again, it was comfortable and caused minimal discomfort. For anyone worrying about discomfort you will not find a better cosmetic dermatologist. His technique is a gift! Dr Pierre and his staff have the highest degree of professionalism and kindness. His nurse Sue is so wonderful. I highly recommend Dr Pierrre. I have been a patient for almost 3 years and I leave every appointment feeling very pleased, happy and looking better!!!"
~ Andrea.
"I have struggled with acne my entire adult life. I have been to many dermatologists and have taken several medications....one which caused stomach ulcers. I was referred to Dr. Pierre and with reservations booked an appointment. Since I had seen so many dermatologists, I did not have high hopes. Dr. Pierre was absolutely fabulous! He spent the time with me to discuss my issues and concerns. After 1 month of treatment, I saw remarkable results and now have absolutly no acne. I cannot recommend him enough. Now all of my friends and their teens seeing Dr. Pierre. His staff is also amazing, I will never go anywhere else!"
~ Debbie.
"After having a horrific experience with another local dermatologist, I was positively relieved with Dr. Pierre's lovely and welcoming staff and of course Dr. Pierre! For a patient, Dr. Pierre is your ONLY choice for professional, state of the art, high quality dermatologic care. Do not risk your health anywhere else. Dr. Pierre is the most ethical, personable, and compassionate dermatologist I have ever met!!! It is such a blessing to have such a physician in our community. Thank you Dr. Pierre and staff!!!!!"
~ Dan O.
"Dr. Pierre and Staff, I really appreciate and thank you for the great atmosphere, teamwork and outstanding care I receive during each visit over the years. I will always be a patient and highly recommend your business to others. My 33 year career with a Fortune 100 company led to me living in multiple states and frequent changes of various physicians. Dr. Pierre is the absolute best Dermatologist I've ever met. His approach is personable, caring and interacts in a way that does not leave you feeling you're just a number versus a person needing help. He listens well, answers questions and puts you at ease with any prescribed treatment. He is extremely talented, really, really, really knows his stuff and is a trend setter in this profession. The Staff is wonderful!!! They are always professional, courteous, nice to interact with and does timely follow-up when needed."
~ Monroe C.
"My initial visit to Dr Pierre was for examination of two areas of concern on my nose and cheek. I also wanted to have my body examined for any other existing skin abnormalities. Dr Pierre treated the facial areas and the procedure was painless and healed quickly. I have seen a few other dermatologists in the area for these exams, but was not comfortable with the experiences. I had also had cosmetic injections in the past, but was not satisfied with the results. Dr Pierre listened carefully and respectfully as I explained that I am 62 years old, comfortable with the natural aging process, but wish to achieve a healthy, rested, and natural appearance. My goal is also to retain the mobility and expressiveness in my face. No other physician had been able to achieve the desired result. Dr Pierre's attention to detail and knowledge of skin, bone, and muscle structure, shadow and light has given me exactly the appearance I desired. I received Botox and Juvederm injections. In addition, I was treated with respect and was at ease throughout the treatment. Also, kudos for the office decor. The reception/waiting area is sophisticated and understated, yet welcoming and comfortable. The staff are professional, informative and immediately put me at ease. Cathy and Sue assisted Dr Pierre during my two appointments and were so open and friendly as well as knowledgeable regarding my treatments. Many thanks to Dr. Pierre and his wonderful staff."
~ Laura Smith
"I have seen Dr. Pierre for over ten years. By far the best dermatologist out of the four or five I have seen in my life. Really nice guy, amazing techniques and very efficient. Couldn't recommend more highly. Thanks! "
~ Ryan
"Thank you so much for giving my 16 year old daughter a new lease on life! Your care provided her not only with much needed medical attention to her skin, but has boosted her confidence to a whole new level! Her skin looks amazing and we couldn't be happier. We had been to many doctors prior to our referral to you. You and your staff have blessed our lives."
~ Amy Eads
"I am very pleased with your work, Dr. Pierre. You always do an amazing job with my Botox. And your staff is so wonderful. Everyone here is so nice. That's why I keep coming back."
~ Mary
"Dear Dr. Pierre,
Thank you so much for taking care of me last week. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful staff. I feel so much better now that the rash on my arms is gone."
~ Chloe Belle V.
"Dr. Pierre,
I just wanted to thank you for the care and personal attention that you show your patients. I have been to numerous dermatologists and usually felt worse leaving their offices than when I came in. However, coming into your office, the staff is always friendly and you are great, not only for being very knowledgeable but also for showing great care and concern, which I really appreciate, so thank you!"
~ Julianna W.
"Dear Dr. Pierre,
Words can never express my heartfelt thanks to you for helping William G. The box of medicine was so gratefully received by him. His mother, Virginia, had told me that he wanted to go to a dance last Saturday, but was too embarrassed because of his skin and didn't want the other kids to stare and make fun of him. You have given this wonderful boy a chance at a new life by helping him. God bless you Dr. Pierre, you are an angel on earth borrowed to us by the Lord. Thank you again."
~ Sasha M.
"Dr. Pierre & Staff,
Thank you for the excellent care I received today. Your office staff was warm and gracious and made me feel quite comfortable and at ease. I will be happy to refer you to others. It's a good life!"
~ Anonymous
"I travel miles to see Dr. Pierre and Donna, it's well worth it for the service and outcome. I am an extremely picky individual, however I love this office."
~ Christeen P.
"I am so amazed at the difference in this product! I have used many, many different cosmetics in my life and this is far superior to any I've ever used. Thank you for introducing me to Jane Iredale."
~ Anonymous
"I have never had such a patient-focused visit as the one to Dr. Pierre's office. From the minute you make an appointment, to your visit with the doctor, you are met with such care, compassion, sincerity and professionalism. You wish all your physician experiences could be like this."
~ Anonymous
"Dr. Pierre is fantastic! I had a biopsy on my arm and felt NOTHING! He had warned me that I might feel a little 5-second sting with the local anesthetic – but I didn't even feel that! Dr. Pierre – you are GOOD!"
~ Cindy C.
"Dr. Pierre & Staff,
You have the most wonderful & personable office that I have ever visited. You go above & beyond the call of duty. Thank God for people like you. Simply put, "Thank you for just being you!!!"
~ Nikki
"Well worth minimal and brief discomfort. Botox treatment has completely erased wrinkles between my brows. Dr. Pierre's technique has produced superior and longer lasting results when compared to similar injections of Botox I have had in the past. I recommend this procedure as administered by Dr. Pierre, whose unparalleled skill brings a superb result to the patient. I am truly an enthusiastic and ecstatic patient!"
~ Ruth S.
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